Address: 108 North Main Street, Magdalena, NM 87825


Phone: (575) 854-2361

Our library  is available via email:

We are re-opening June 8th, 2015




 Sun, Fri Closed
 Mon, Tue, Thurs 11am–6pm
 Wed. 12:30pm–8pm
 Sat. 12-4

Magdalena’s Village Library is located in the old Santa Fe Railroad Station building just off Main Street. Restored to its former glory, the building houses Magdalena’s Public Library, and is adorned with historic photographs of the region.

Having a Magdalena Public Library card number has amazing benefits for such a rural area. Not only can you borrow books from our wonderful collection, you can also access eBooks and digital audio books, and learn any of 77 languages 24/7! We also offer patrons wifi access 24/7.

The Box Car Museum displays old photographs and objects of yesteryear’s frontier life. The park bench area on the old train station loading dock, is a great place to rest under the shade of the cottonwood trees and imagine what life may have been like in this old west town.

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